Practical Coding

Perfect project-based programs for advanced students to learn new languages.



Our Practical Coding programs are perfect for older children that want to learn how to code with widely used industry standard languages and pursue further education in Computer Science. Our project based curriculums provide a fun and hands-on experience in how to implement the concepts learnt from our experienced coding instructors.

What You Will Build

We have two programs that steadily introduce progressively challenging programming languages and concepts. 


  • Practical Coding 1: HTML & CSS

    • Learn about web-design basics and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) languages including HTML, CSS and C++.

    • Design and build your own unique webpages using HTML & CSS and program your own embedded projects, like mini-games!

    • The first five week will cover web design fundamentals, with the last five week covering OOP and C++

    • Advance your skills with weekly quizzes, homework assignments and projects you can keep and share with friends and family.


  • Practical Coding 2: Javascript & Python

    • Learn about Javascript, one of the core languages for advanced web design.

    • Get to grips with Python, a cutting-edge language that provides the readability of scripting languages with the classes and objects found in OOP languages like C++ and Java.

    • Learn how to effectively implement the use of these languages in unique and interesting projects.

    • Advances your skills with weekly quizzes, homework assignments and projects you can keep and share with friends and family.


Why are Practical Coding Skills Important?

Some of the most sought-after career opportunities today can be found in the Computing and Engineering industries and learning how to code with these widely used languages and concepts are key to setting your child on a pathway towards a fulfilling future. Learning not only the concepts but how to implement them in practical project work and showcase their creativity is how your child will differentiate themselves from other candidates in the future. 



Graduating from our introductory and advanced classes will equip your child to take on advanced Computer Science programs in school. Stay tuned for the release of advanced Computer Science focused programs from SuperCoding. 

Guideline for progression to Practical Coding

Guideline for progression to Practical Coding