LEGO Robotics

An exciting hands on course in robotics and coding for children aged 7-14 years old.



SuperCoding introduces the latest sensor tech from the LEGO EV3 robotics platform for children to build and program their own unique creations whilst developing must-have life skills such as critical thinking, creativity and advanced problem solving.

Our experienced education team will be on hand to guide both students who are familiar with the platform and those who have never used it before, and most of all make sure everyone has fun!

What You Will Build

  • Build and program your own custom robot and prepare for the Final Project - competing against your fellow classmates to complete a challenging obstacle course against the clock.

  • Introduces the fundamentals of programming.

  • Learn how to use over 50 blocks of code.

  • Code Color Sensors, Gyros, Ultrasonic Sensors, Rotation Sensors and more awesome tech!

  • Progress to advanced programming algorithms.


Why Is Robotics Important?

Learning the fundamentals of Robotics is the perfect way to get started with STEAM education as it merges physical hardware components with software development. This allows the student to see the results of how well their code and design performs first hand and make adjustments to perfect their work and understanding.



Progress and graduate from our introductory and advanced classes for the opportunity to qualify for the SuperCoding 2018 FIRST LEGO LEAGUE competition team, where students from across the US will compete to test their STEAM skills against the nation’s top talents.

Guideline for progression from LEGO Robotics graduation

Guideline for progression from LEGO Robotics graduation