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We are expanding our classes to the world of the internet by hosting online classes!

Each and every student will be able to learn and develop invaluable skills anywhere they want !


The enrollment period for the full course will become available in January 2019. 

Course 1

Intro to Programming: Python

  Practical Coding NET

Practical Coding NET

Python is the more challenging course, with an emphasis on logic and teaching your child how to think like a computer scientist; it acts as a great way to gauge your child's interest in programming as well. 

The Intro to Programming series starts with a bang with an introduction to Python 2.7, a cutting-edge language that makes code very readable, and is regularly used in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other hot areas in the tech industry today. 

A document describing necessary software for this course is provided after registering. Topics covered include variables, operators, conditionals, lists, loops, and more. Projects are used to help reinforce skills that can then be used for your child's own Python projects!

Age Range: 13+


Length: 8 hours (once a week)

Software: Textmate (Mac), Repl.it (Online), e-classroom

Time frame: Winter/ January-March


Course 2

2D Game Development with GameMaker

  GM Coding NET

GM Coding NET

2D Game Development will teach and take your child through the necessary steps behind developing a simple game. These steps have the same conceptual basis that larger companies such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft take when making more expensive, more complex games. 

The series uses GameMaker Studio 2 and GML (GameMaker Language), a programming language similar to C++, to create a top-down action game similar to the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES), and Asteroids (Atari 2600). 

A link to download GameMaker Studio 2 (Trial Edition) and installation instructions are provided after registering. Topics covered include movement, audio, level design, enemies, sprite customization, backgrounds, and more!

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Age Range: 10-13

Length: 8 hours (once a week)

Software: GM Studio 2,  e-classroom

Time frame: Winter/ January-March


Julian Rice

  SuperCoding Programming Instructor

SuperCoding Programming Instructor

Game Developer & Programmer

Majoring in Linguistics and Computer Science, and Japanese at UCLA. Julian has 4 years of teaching and tutoring experience.

Specializes in programming languages and video game development, and has extensive experience with C++, Python, various web languages, and educational game design.