3D Game Development

Learn to design, code and navigate entirely new worlds in virtual 3D space.



Our 3D Game Development programs provides students with the skills to work within challenging software applications to develop their creative and logical thinking whilst teaching advanced coding concepts they can take into other fields of study.  The 3D Game Design series of classes introduces each element and allows the students a chance to focus in on a specific skill set that they can build up experience with and hone their skill to become a competent game developer at an early age and get a head start on the competition that typically does not begin to learn these skills until late in high school or within a specialized college degree.   

Our experienced program instructors are seasoned game developers and programmers and are there to support and challenge your child with stimulating and rewarding projects.

What You Will Build

We have a range of 3D game Development programs for your child that are designed to steadily introduce progressively challenging concepts and projects.


  • 3D Game Development 1: Beginner

    • Designed for ages 8-12 years old.

    • Introduction to the Unreal Engine 4 software.

    • Learn the key elements of game design, level design and build a block-style structure and landscape.

    • Introduces key game functionality and techniques to build a goal-oriented maze or level.


  • 3D Game Development 2: Intermediate

    • Designed for ages 11-16 years old.

    • Introduces the Unity game engine and delves into C# programming to create a character controller script.

    • Develop interactive elements and build a level, trigger secondary characters and sounds, design core gameplay mechanics such as character attributes and design scenarios to introduce progressive gameplay.

    • Students will learn how to animate their characters and setup states to trigger animations along their own story arc.


  • 3D Game Development 3: Advanced

    • Designed for ages 11-16 years old.

    • Students will be challenged to develop a game idea and pitch it to the class, then build a team based on each student’s skills.

    • Students will specialise in an area of production and learn to coordinate tasks week to week, ultimately building their game from concept through planning, design documentation and carrying out their own predefined tasks.

    • By working as a team of artists, animators, designers and programmers student learn how to work together to deliver a final production that can be submitted as an entry into game developers competition!


Why Is Game Development a Perfect Way to Learn How to Code?

Engaging and maintaining a student’s interest throughout a education program is key in absorbing and retaining what is learnt in class. Games stimulate the imagination, honing creative and logical elements of a child’s mind, keeping them engaged for the entire program. A sense of ownership is also important and every single one of our GameMaker programs gives your child the opportunity to take home what they’ve built during the program. 



Graduating from our 3D Game Development programs equip students with the skills required to progress on to our Practical Coding programs and learn new languages like HTML, C++, Python and Javascript! 

Guideline for progression to 3D Game Development

Guideline for progression to 3D Game Development